Used Xerox copier, Canon, Konica… Here is the best-sellers of used copiers

There are a good number of photocopiers and as many different functions.  When the product is used, the advantage (privilege advantage of the occasion) is that in addition to having the choice, the price is often softer. For example, for a used Xerox copier, on average will count 5% less than its original price.

Four prestigious copier brands

Among these copiers that are on the rise, four brands stand out: Konica-Minolta, Canon, Toshiba and Xerox. The cause? Quality, reliability and innovative features.

Over the years, there will be, among other things, the refillable ink tank, the Bluetooth connection, a considerably increased printing speed for more productivity and economy.

We can add to this list Sharp, which achieves good scores thanks to two of its models.

Is the used Xerox copier the leader?

The used Xerox copier high demand due to its quality and its pioneering position. In 1944, the Xerox Company trusted Chester Carlson, the inventor of the photocopier, and commercialized his invention. Xerox renamed the “xerography” process and the first model on the market was launched in 1959. Today, Xerox WC copiers are the most sought after.

Used Xerox copier, Canon, Konica … Here is the list of bestsellers

If you are looking to replace your photocopier, remember, ask yourself the right questions! However, this list should save you some unpleasant surprises.

Here is the list of the best-selling, most sought-after used models:

Source: Matmond, used copier experts

Konica-MinoltaBizhub 223
Konica-MinoltaBizhub 283
Konica-MinoltaBizhub 363
Konica-MinoltaBizhub C 220
Konica-MinoltaBizhub C 224
Konica-MinoltaBizhub C 224 E
Konica-MinoltaBizhub C 280
Konica-MinoltaBizhub C 284
Konica-MinoltaBizhub C 284 E
Konica-MinoltaBizhub C 35
Konica-MinoltaBizhub C 364 E
Konica-MinoltaBizhub C 454 E
CanonIR 1024 A
CanonIR 1133 A
CanonIR 1133 IF
CanonIR 1730 I
CanonIR 3225 N
CanonIR Ad 400 I
CanonIR Ad 4225 I
CanonIRA 4025 I
CanonIRA 6255 I
CanonIRA C 5030 I
CanonIRA C 5235 I
CanonIRA C 5240 I
CanonIRA C 5250 I
CanonIRA C 5255 I
SharpMXB 382
SharpMXM 264 N
ToshibaStudio 195
ToshibaStudio 2050 C
ToshibaStudio 2550 C
ToshibaStudio 2555 CSE
ToshibaStudio 256 SE
ToshibaStudio 257
ToshibaStudio 3055 CSE
ToshibaStudio 307
ToshibaStudio 3555 CSE
ToshibaStudio 356 SE
ToshibaStudio 357
ToshibaStudio 456 SE
XeroxWC 5330
XeroxWC 7120
XeroxWC 7125
XeroxWC 7535
XeroxWC 7830
XeroxWC 7835
XeroxWC 7855

Cette liste est à garder en tête si vous souhaitez changer de copieur d’occasion ou vous lancer dans le business des copieurs d’occasion !


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