Used copiers: why is it important to reuse them?

Used copiers are a huge plus for your wallet, but also for the planet! Why is it important to buy second-hand? You will find out in this article.

What is a used copier and re-use?

As a result of the obsolescence of the equipment, the rate of equipment of copiers has greatly increased. From this observation, it has become urgent to reuse the equipment to not to generate more waste.

Reuse can be defined as the reconditioning of electrical and electronic devices, without changes in performance. A used copier will, in fact, be as functional as a new copier!

used copiers

Used copiers: an ecological solution!

The ecological footprint of a photocopier is significant. In fact, when manufactured, a photocopier emits 3,300 kg of CO2 and uses 2.1 tonnes of raw materials (water, copper, aluminum, etc.).

Photocopiers are part of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment). Globally, it is estimated that there are around 44.7 million tonnes of this type of waste produced each year, which is considerable. However, only 20% of this waste is taken care of for recycling *.

It is therefore important to reuse photocopiers that can be repaired so as not to produce more waste and to minimize waste.

Copiers are not the only ones that pollute (and can be recycled)!

Just like copiers, printing consumables have a negative impact on the environment. For example, laser and inkjet cartridges use a significant amount of petroleum in their manufacture. This can go up to 3.5 liters for a single cartridge! In addition, they are made up of substances that are very toxic to the environment if they are released into nature.

In a country like France, it is estimated that cartridges represent at least 60,000 tonnes of waste! It is therefore essential, from a medical and ecological point of view, to recycle your toners.

Fortunately, there are solutions, such as setting up a collection bin in your company. Once full, you can take it to a recycling center or to a reuse professional, or even to the original manufacturers which often have a solution.

And don’t forget: a used cartridge can be reused between 3 and 7 times! Recycling is therefore really useful.

Used copiers: an economic advantage

Buying second-hand can be scary because you can never be sure how well it works. Usually very low prices can be a scam! In order to avoid them, it is better to buy your used copier through an expert company. In general, a used copier costs up to 30% less than a new copier. Another advantage, all models suddenly become accessible! From small office machines to large multifunction prepress machines, there is something for everyone!

Ready to buy used copiers ? To learn more about used copiers, check our other article about this topic!

* source: United Nations University – 2016


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