Reconditioning, used or new ? how to choose your copier ?

What is the difference between a used copier and a reconditioned copier ?

In both cases, they are machines that have already been used. The refurbished photocopier, like the used photocopier, reduce waste and the environmental impact of the office industry. But the difference ends there. The used copier is sold as it is, with parts that may be partially used, more or less clean, with dust inside. During reconditioning, the copier is fully checked and returned to perfect condition, as if it was new, before being resold. A reconditioned copier therefore has the double advantage of an excellent quality and a price much cheaper than for a new one.

What are the criteria for reconditioning ?

First of all, the specialists of used photocopiers will determine the selection criteria for reconditioning and will therefore focus on:

– Look at the datasheet to see the year the copier was introduced to the market : understanding this detail helps to know if spare parts are still available from manufacturers. In summary, we will find in reconditioning, machines which are still very present on the market.

– Check that the parts that can be seen on the outside, and the first parts to which one has access to replace the cartridges or the ink collector are in condition. The cleaner and newer it is, the lower the risk of breakdown. Technicians will favor machines that have been little used. In this category, we will find demonstration or training models or which come from long-term rentals.

– Check the counter and the print quality. During a machine test, we check the number of copies already made by the copier. It is then necessary to compare it with the number of copies recommended by the manufacturer and to deduce the service life envisaged by the latter.

If all these checkpoints are conclusive, then it can be estimated that the refurbished copier will be reliable.

What steps  at reconditioning ?

Firstly, the machines are disassembled, fully blown and cleaned to remove all paper and toner dust. 
Secondly, the plastics are cleaned and 100% degreased. Thirdly, technicians remove the used spare parts. They replace them with new ones: drum, developer, oven, transfer cloth and paper pick-up pad. Some parts still in good condition may be preserved. Finally, they reassemble the copier, and then, the copier starts again for a new life !


What price for a reconditioned photocopier and for a used photocopier ?

It’s relatively simple: A used copier sells on average for 1/3 new, while a refurbished copier sells on average for half new. The 2 solutions are therefore really interesting.

In which case can we prefer to buy a refurbished photocopier ?

The choice between a new, reconditioned or used copier will mainly depend on the budget you allocate to it (see previous paragraph). Then it will depend on what you are going to use it for. For large organizations, which will have a high production rate of copies, it will be better to move towards new. Indeed, even reconditioned, copiers are given for a maximum life and a maximum number of copies. During reconditioning, the parts constituting the copier are not all changed. You risk failure if you exceed the expected number of copies too far. Now, imagine your team consists of ten people. For the average use in your administrative department, you can  choose a reconditioned photocopier. Finally, your business requires a relatively small number of copies on a daily basis. In this case,  a used copier may be enough for you.


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