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Photocopiers are your daily? You are looking for informations, answers to technics or supplies problematics? Our blog will bring you the answers you are looking for. We are photocopier experts !


We know that photocopier’s market can be difficult. We are there to help you to face it!

To help you having the more effective research, we organized our blog in four categories


Discover all the business key !

If you want to know about toner, consumable items… you’re at the right place!

Learn about the logistics problematics !

Take care of our planet is fundamental… Discover how it’s possible with copiers !


So, whatever you are a buyer or a seller… If you are an actor in the business of used photocopiers or new photocopier…. This blog is made for you!

Who are we?


Photocopiers and redaction

Photocopiers and their intricacies are a huge topic! But who find these subjects?

In this blog, articles are written by multidisciplinary journalist who have extensive experience in copiers business some of them since 1995. Our authors are curious and polyvalent. They do not hesitate to request information to technical experts, in order to ensure you receive the best information and advice all this for free!





Here are our redactors  !

Laure – Copier Friendly

Laure hates boredom. Mum of three, she has always worked full-time. She likes the sea and the mountains. A tad pernickety (it is often pointed out to her… 😉), she likes to take control over things. Seriously involved in her tasks, Laure cares for everyone and make our working environment extremely pleasant.

Emmanuel – Copier Expert

Emmanuel likes to understand the world around him. Very curious, he could spend hours learning about a subject if it interests him. As a former pilot, he has retained the team spirit and concentration necessary to achieve his goals. His number one aim here is to write the most relevant articles!


Auriane – Copier Friendly

Auriane has a true passion for pun and words in general. Passionate about reading, drawing, she is very hands-in. Naturally, this is why she turned to computer keyboards to write articles. However, be careful if she seems to have her head in the clouds, she really has her foot on earth.







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