Where are located the most reliable used copiers brokers?

This is a question everyone would like the answer to. Which country has the most reliable used copiers brokers and why? Let’s analyse together the facts and try and give an honest answer to this conundrum.

Where are the most reliable used copiers brokers?

Nowadays modern photocopiers have reached a level of quality and reliability that is matched by all main stream photocopiers manufacturers. That is to say that they may differ from the outside but they are all producing extremely high quality photocopiers. By main stream brands, we think of Canon, Xerox, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh, Sharp and Toshiba in no particular order. Buy one of their machines new and you won’t be dissatisfied. Now when it comes to used equipment, it is all related to how the machines has been maintained. So whatever model or brand you choose, so long as it is fit for your purpose, you will have a good product, provided it has been properly maintained. Which leads us to our main topic: the most reliable used copiers brokers are situated in part of the world where maintenance standards are high. Simple as that. In the meanwhile, you can also read our topic explaining why your used copier may not necessarily be thrown away.

What makes a good used copier?

Answering this question is like answering what makes a good used copier? It is all a question of maintenance. From our experience, the level of maintenance of a photocopier is directly related to the wealth of the country it is operated in. Rich countries have enough resources to both educate technicians to high levels and to follow manufacturers maintenance guidelines. Poorer countries tend to cut corners with maintenance, making short term benefits that have consequences in the long term. So with this statement in mind, you are better off, buying used copiers in Western Europe or in North America. Be aware of voltage though; North America operates under 110 volts when Europe operates under 230 volts.

reliable used copiers brokers


What makes a good used copiers broker?

By now you know that reliable used copiers brokers can only be found in Western Europe.  However, not all European countries have the same photocopier maintenance standard. It is not a question of climate but the fact of the matter is that the further north in Europe you go, the highest the level of maintenance. When comparing a used photocopier bought in Spain with one bought in Belgium (same model, same manufacturing date, same amount of copies printed, same everything). You will find serious differences all to the advantage of the Belgian product. Why? don’t ask but it seems that country wealth and culture both have a serious impact on cutting maintenance corners. As a conclusion, we recommend that you contact a used copiers broker in either Belgium, Netherlands, Germany or France. And if you need information about how to import from these countries, find our article about this topic.


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