Copier repair : no, your broken photocopier may not be scrapped !

Is your office copier broken? rather annoying, especially if you are no longer on a lease with maintenance services included. Don’t panic, the copier is a relatively basic device. With a little knowledge of electronics, you can manage the copier repair ; and if not, office automation companies, or used and reconditioning specialists will be able to diagnose the fault and carry out the repair.

Copier repair : which parts are interchangeable?

We can reference 4 types of faults for a photocopier. Firstly, electronic cards can break, especially during transport, or become defective. Secondly, consumables by definition are consumed and may suffer natural wear. Among the consumables, we find the oven, the transfer fabric, the developer or the drum. You can also be faced with a broken screen or cover. Finally, like on a computer, the hard drive can fail.

Electronic cards

Manufacturers follow spare parts for about 10 years, depending on the brand. It is therefore possible to order a new electronic card from the brand’s French or European agency. Used cards are also available in the used market, and may be ideal for a machine with a somewhat high copy number. But be careful, prices may vary from 50 to 1500 € !! When you reach a price of 1500 € for an electronic card, you may wonder if you shouldn’t buy another second hand copier ! Especially when you know that this operation requires some skills in electronics.

Used parts, useful for repairing broken copiers


If your machine is less than 10 years old, it is very likely that the part is still available from the manufacturer as new. And as for electronic cards, the parts concerned exist on occasion. You will find them at suppliers like Katun or Copymix or at brokers in used photocopiers like Matmond. While the carters are relatively easy to change, other consumables require more technical knowledge.

Hard drives

Depending on the brand, you will find the hard drive to change at the manufacturer or on computer sites. Indeed, these can be common to computers, 2.5 inch format and Sata interface. An exception with the brand Toshiba : hard drives are specific to the brand. In any cas, changing a hard drive on a photocopier is the same level of difficulty as on a computer.

In conclusion, to repair your used photocopier, you have 2 solutions: either buy a new part, or buy a used part as well. Electronic skills can scare you, but don’t hesitate to hire a professional who can help you inexpensively. Some providers even offer some technical advice videos ; And see our article dedicated to the reuse of electronic parts, which will convince you that copier repair is possible : your rubbish bin will become all the most lighter !


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