Copier replacement – which photocopier brands are best

So you have decided that you will sell second-hand photocopiers but you are not sure which brands you should offer to your clients. We are photocopier experts and we will give you the keys to understand which are the best photocopier brands. The following article describe our experience with used photocopiers; their strengths; their weaknesses and why you should choose one brand over another one.

What are the best photocopier brands?

Photocopy has been discovered in 1937 by German scientist Otto Kornei. The process was sold to Xerox in 1944. So as far as photocopiers are concerned, Xerox has definitely the largest experience. But 80 years later are they still the brand to go to? today only a handful of brands compete on the photocopier market.

The latest major business transformation in the copier industry happened in 2003 when Konica and Minolta merged to create the giant Konica-Minolta. Since then, apart from an aborted hostile takeover attempt from Xerox over HP, not much has changed. The global market is still shared between 6 major players : Canon, Brother, Ricoh, HP, Xerox and Konica-Minolta in that order. Since we solely focus on photocopier in this article, we exclude Brother and HP from the scope for they mainly manufacture small printers. Which leaves us with Canon, Ricoh, Xerox and Konica-Minolta with Canon being the biggest player with almost 20% market shares. You could decide to stop reading this article right now since I gave you the best photocopier brands. But you might find interested to read about their differences.

What differences between the 4 big?

Our preference goes definitely with Canon. As technicians we

Please read our article on how to import used photocopiers safely.



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